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TS9065W Blast Machine
Vapor Blasting Machine

TS9065W Blast Machine

Greatly improving the dust pollution of the environment and reduce the health hazards to workers.

Product Detail

Machine Description

Wet Blasting (vapor blasting) is a non-aggressive surface prep technique that has been specifically developed for applications requiring finer finishes. Combining a thin film of water with fine blasting media, this technique can remove dirt, contaminants, rust, corrosion, and old paint from a wide range of surfaces. wet blasting.jpg

vapor blasting cabinet is to put abrasive in water, water and abrasive mix, by using the a sludge pump to draw the mixture to the blasting hose, and with the help of compressed air, force a powerful jet flow to hit on product surface through venturi nozzle, to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface and polishing.

vapor blasting cabinet provides extremely consistent and reproducible surface treatment to clean, degrease, descale etc. or polish various products of various geometry and material (from plastic and soft metals to steel or exotic materials) without the use of harsh chemicals or dusty mechanical action. Widely used in automobile parts refresh, sand blasting medical parts.

wet blasting cabinet.jpg

Technical Parameter

ModelTS9065W Wet Blast Machine
Fabricate MaterialStainless Steel SUS304
Operating Zone L*W*H900*650*750mm
Machine Size L*W*H900*950*1700mm
Entrance Door SizeW500*H590mm
Power Supply1.5kw
Air Consumption (Approx)1.0m³/min; Pressure 3-7bar(kg/m²)
Nozzle 1pc; diamater 8mm
Load Capacity60Kg
Machine Lighting18W
Total Weight (Approx)350kg
Abrasive AvailableGlass bead, sand, aluminum oxide etc

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