2 Sets TS9060W Wet Blast Cabinet are Ready for Shipping to Israel
  2018/01/29| View:921

Date: 2018 Jan 29th

Product: Wet Blast Cabinet 

Shipping to: Israel 

2 sets TS9060W wet blasting machine, 2 sets TS9060A suction cabinet and 3tons glass bead ordered by our Israel were packed well, and ready for shipping. Customer wants to use the wet blasting machine to clean some dirty parts of motorcyles, this kind machine is with good advantage of dustless, low noise level and easy to operate. Thanks for his trust and we’re doing a good job.

Wet blast cabinets are designed for wet blasting cleaning. There is a wide range from small manual cabinets suitable for automotive workshops to large automatic machines used for special applications, such as the surface preparation of wire and extruded products and also automatic cleaning of complex components and dies.