Changzhou Taisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Changzhou Taisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Changzhou Taisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. has been engaged in producing sand blasting equipment, sand blasting room and shot blasting machine since 2007. Specializes in designing standard and custom made products, provides a complete set of surface finishing solution to customer.
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The company's products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, containers, construction machinery, military industry, wind power, electric power, port machinery, aerospace, electronic and electrical, energy, environmental protection, papermaking, semiconductors.

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Equipment supplier of fortune 500 companies, our quality is rel.
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Professional factory, delivered on time
More than 15,000 ㎡ of production workshop, equipped with lathes, milling machines, radial drilling machines, cutting machines, shears, plasma cutting machines, bending machines, and other advanced production equipment, according to the drawings to reasonably estimate the production time, make Stage schedule, strictly control the production schedule to ensure on-time delivery!Professional factory, delivered on time
Customize on demand and provide technical solutions
With a technical team with more than 10 years of rich experience, we can provide professional technical advice based on the product features, dimensions, characteristics, etc. you provide; use three-dimensional design software for simulation research and development design, and have won 13 national patents and provide exclusive Technical solutions to achieve personalized customization. Customize on demand and provide technical solutions
Free samples, thoughtful after-sales
In order to ensure the effect of technical solutions, TAISHENG provides free sample service of sandblasting workpieces; at the same time, the new machine provides free installation and commissioning services, sends installation pictures, and provides on-site service when necessary; after-sales links provide comprehensive technical guidance and exclusive after-sales customer service Respond promptly and provide more timely service.Free samples, thoughtful after-sales
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Professional quality, integrity to create success
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    Engineering and Design
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    Laser Cutting
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Shot Blast Machine, also known as a shot blasting machine, is a powerful tool used in various industries for cleaning, preparing, or finishing surfaces. It utilizes high-speed projectiles to remove contaminants, scale, rust, or old coatings from the surface of a workpiece. With its efficient and effective cleaning capabilities, the Shot Blast Machine offers several advantages. It enhances surface adhesion, prolongs the life of industrial equipment, improves product quality, and increases overall productivity.
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Advantages of Wet Blasting Machines
Wet blasting machines have revolutionized surface preparation and cleaning processes across various industries. A wet blasting machine, also known as a slurry blasting machine, utilizes a mixture of abrasive media, water, and compressed air to efficiently clean, degrease, or prepare surfaces for a wide range of applications. so what is the advantages of wet blasting machines and discuss their key characteristics, primary applications, and important considerations when purchasing one.
Types of Materials Cleaned and Purified Using a Vapor Blaster
Vapor blasters are highly efficient and versatile cleaning and purification machines. They utilize the power of high-pressure vaporized water or a mixture of water and abrasive media to remove dirt, grime, and contaminants from various surfaces. This article explores the advantages of vapor blasters, discusses their different types and applications, and focuses on the types of materials that can be effectively cleaned and purified using these machines. Whether it's delicate surfaces or heavy-duty industrial equipment, vapor blasters offer an effective solution.
How does a sand blast cabinet work?
A sand blast cabinet is an essential tool used in various industries for surface cleaning, preparation, and finishing. It employs a powerful technique called sandblasting, which involves propelling abrasive particles at high speeds to remove impurities or alter the surface of a material. In this article, we will delve into the inner workings of a sand blast cabinet and explore how it accomplishes its tasks effectively.
How can you ensure the accuracy of a Shot Blast Machine?
Shot Blast Machine is a high-accuracy automation device mainly used for material processing and surface repair. Several factors need to be considered to ensure the accuracy of a Shot Blast Machine.
What are the advantages of wet blasting machine?
A wet blasting machine is an abrasive blasting device that employs water and an abrasive substance to remove surface impurities. Construction, mining, and manufacturing are just a few of the industries that use it extensively. In this post, we'll examine the benefits of a wet blasting machine and provide you more details on how to use it and what it can do.
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