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Heavy mold blast machine

Product detailes
Heavy mold sand blasting machine are the setting standard for the optimum performance and operation in modern blast cabinets. The rigged construction and only the finest parts guarantee a perfect working cabinet and gives you this benefit for many years.

Heavy mold sand blasting machine is with automatic system, big blasting cabinet, electronic loading table, operation platform, pressure tank, abrasive recycle system. Working efficiency can achieve up to 15m2/hr.

Abrasive Available: aluminium oxide, glass bead, steel shot, stainless steel shot etc.

The installation is primarily suitable for heavy sand blasting operations for example:

  1. Clean up oxide, burrs and welding slag of heat-treated, welding and castings, surface quality can reach Sa3.

  2. Clean up small burrs and residues of machining parts.

  3. Used for pretreatment of product surface before painting, the adhesion can be improved.

  4. Finishing parts with high precision, rough roughness, Ra value and complex shape which are difficult to be finished by other processing methods.

  5. Used to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the machined surface, such as changing the state of surface stress and improving the lubrication conditions of mating couplings.

  6. Used for surface strengthening and stress relief.

  7. Used for refurbishment of old parts.

  8. Used for cleaning the mold, do not hurt the surface of the mold, ensure the precision of the mold, improve the product grade.

Sand blasting processing method:

  1. When the trolley is moved to a certain position and the trolley is restricted, the trolley stops moving (manual push button).

  2. The product is driven by the table to do a slow rotation (manual push button).

  3. The product is blasted with a sandblasting gun(manually operate).

  4. After blast work, air gun cleaning, and then car exit and unloading products.