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Airless Blasting Machine
Airless Blasting Machine

Airless Blasting Machine

Product Detail


Airless Blasting Machine

This machine is aimed to replace the traditional belt conveyor sand blasting machine which is widely used for treating mobile phone shell, laptop cases, and tec.

Widely used in treating all kinds of accurate electronic products, such as mobile phone cases, computer shell, sandwich ovenware, iron, communication equipment etc. Suitable for all kinds of products which need to be painted high temperature coatings and plating after sandblasting, such as non-stick pan,gas stove charge core.


Abrasive Available: mesh 100-150 (size 0.15mm-0.09mm) bearing steel grit/shot


Main Technical Data

This machine is rotary table shot blasting machine, have 6pcs product stations, maximum product can treat is dia.400*height100mm. Machine footprint is 4000*1600*3400mm(L*W*H).

1. Blast Wheel 5.5kw with frequency inverter.

2. Bucket Elevator 0.75kw.

3. Big table diameter 1350mm with variable speed, drive motor 0.75kw.

4. Small table diameter 400mm with variable speed, rotate motor 0.4kw.

5. Cartridge Filter, fan power 1.5kw.

6. Compressed air consumption:0.2m³/min, working pressure 0.3-0.6Mpa.

7. Total Power 8.9kw.

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