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Mobile Phone Shell Automatic Sand Blasting Machine

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TS Belt Conveyor Sand Blasting Machine is good choice for cleaning the flat, dish shaped, aquare, section bar and shaped work pieces such as stainless steel plates, carbon steel plate, glass, marble, frying pans, toasters, computer cases, DVD cases, laptop, electric soleplates, omaments, tablets, badges, communication kits, aluminium plate, profile and other shaped products. 

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In 2018, Changzhou Taisheng Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd supplied 44 sets belt conveyor sand blasting machine to Apple OEM factory. By use the ceramic bead to acheive the good surface cleaning result. Besides, in 2020, TaiSheng Supplied 8sets dual channerl belt conveyor sandblasting machine to Apple OEM factory, to speed up the production and save the operational cost.

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