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Belt Conveyor Sand Blast Cabinet

    • Belt Conveyor Sand Blast Cabinet
    • Belt Conveyor Sand Blast Cabinet
    • Belt Conveyor Sand Blast Cabinet
    • Belt Conveyor Sand Blast Cabinet
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Machine Description 

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Automatic conveyor blasting machines are excellent for all around complete and continuous blasting of flat, voluminous, or complex components. Our powerful blast rotary head systems are mounted to the blast cabin housing in the most optimum positions to further insure uniform blast coverage of the components. Includes flat belt pass-through systems, a reciprocating system for return-to-operator processing of components, an opposing V-belt conveyor design for high speed in-line blasting of small parts and roller conveyor machines for in-line blast treatment of long sections of tube or bar material.

While conveyor blast systems may be loaded by hand, it is common for automatic through-feed machines to interface with other in-plant material handling equipment to operate unmanned. Feed rates depend on the total surface area to be blasted and the number and type of blast guns. PLC control and electronic sensor technology enables blast guns to be automatically turned off when no components are present, eliminating waste of energy and unnecessary wear-and-tear on the machine.

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Short processing times

Long useful nozzle life

High blasting performance

Abrasion resistant piping system

Easy accessibility and easy replacement of the nozzles and parts

Direct drive, fewer wear parts, such as the bearing block, lower noise level

Front door with window protect by a rubber sheet to protect against abrasive

Heavy Duty construction and welded steel housing

Continuous flow blasting process

Available with 8mm and 10mm adjustable nozzles for optimal blasting results

Uniform processing of complex component contours

High process reliability with all-around blasting result

Processing of long components (profiles, beams) is possible, as well as the secure blasting of small components and parts

Easily integrated into existing production lines

Technical Parameter



Qty of guns

Machine area(mm)


Cyclone separator




Cyclone separator




Cyclone separator



TS-800-16AElevator Separator16pcs3520x2100x3300


Belt conveyor sand blasting machine is widely used in blasting flat, dish shaped, aquare, section bar and shaped work pieces such as stainless steel plates, carbon steel plate, glass, marble, frying pans, toasters, computer cases, DVD cases, laptop, electric soleplates, omaments, tablets, badges, communication kits, aluminium plate, profile and other shaped products. 

Abrasive Available: Mesh 36-220 aluminium oxide, glass bead, zircon sand, carborundum, silicon carbide and etc.


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