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TS1010W Blast Machine

    • TS1010W Blast Machine
Product details

Machine Description

It is to put abrasive in water, water and abrasive mix, by using the a sludge pump to draw the mixture to the blasting hose, and with the help of compressed air, force a powerful jet flow to hit on product surface through venturi nozzle, to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface and polishing.31612230308983.jpg

Vapor blasting is a non-aggressive surface prep technique that has been specifically developed for applications requiring finer finishes. Combining a thin film of water with fine blasting media, this technique can remove dirt, contaminants, rust, corrosion, and old paint from a wide range of surfaces.

Advantage of TS wet blast machine,

  • Powerful blast efficicency, fast remove oil and dirty;

  • Small occupation;

  • Easy to operate;

  • Good visibility during blasting work;

  • Clean water to remove abrasive and dirty after blasting;

  • Air gun dry the product;



Fabricate MaterialStainless Steel SUS304
Machine Size L*W*H1000*1400*2100mm
Operating dimensions L*W*H1000*1000*750mm
Entrance Door SizeW900mm*H650mm
Working Pressure3-7bar(kg/m²)
Air Consumption (Approx)~1.5m³/min
Quantity of Gun1pc
Nozzle Diameter10mm
Load Capacity60Kg
Machine Lighting18W*2pcs
Total Weight (Approx)500kg
Power Supply1.5KW
Abrasive AvailableGlass bead, sand, aluminum oxide etc

Product Photos

 Wet Blast Cabinet TS1010W.jpg

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