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TS9060A Suction Cabinet

    • TS9060A Suction Cabinet
Product details

Suction cabinets, use much less compressed air and are generally smaller units making them perfect for smaller workshops or lower productivity environments. Siphon cabinets uses a compressed air stream inside a siphon blast gun to create a vacuum in a chamber creating a negative pressure, pulling the abrasive into the nozzle.

Widely used in

  • Removing rust, mill scale, heat treatment scale, and carbon build up from metals; 

  • Strip paint, powder coating, plating, and anodizing from parts for rework; Eliminate burrs, parting lines, flashes, and other defects from castings and injection-moulded parts; 

  • Remove residual sand from castings; Beautify steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and other metals with a uniform satin finish;

  • Etch artwork and apply lettering on glass, stone, plastics, metal and other materials; 

  • Clean release agents and material build up from moulds.

TS9060A with operation zone 900mm x 600mm x H600mm, 550W abrasive recycle fan.

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