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What is vacuum blast equipment

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Vacuum blast equipment in the life of the use of a variety of places, its basic principle is that when the air from the fan inlet into the fan, through the rotation of the impeller repeatedly pressurized, the pressure gradually increased, so that the inlet pressure is strong, the flow rate becomes larger. The impeller is mounted directly on the motor rotor and is completely free of contact with vacuum and compression. Since the fan bearings are installed outside the compression cavity, the maximum operating reliability of the machine can be ensured even at the maximum pressure difference.

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Vacuum blast equipment can be installed at any time in the place of use for compressed air or for emptying. And can be installed at any horizontal or vertical direction. Its reliability is high, in addition to the impeller, there are no other moving parts, and the impeller directly connected to the motor, no gears or transmission belts, so high reliability, almost maintenance-free. No oil and gas, no pollution, impeller rotation, not with any contact, no lubrication, so can guarantee 100% no oil and gas. Low vibration parts using Germany, Japan imported processing, testing equipment, operating part of the parts have been extremely sophisticated balance design, testing, correction so the vibration rate is very low. Low noise using high-pressure noise motor direct transmission, the entrance and exit are built-in muffler cotton, can reduce the noise during operation. In the application is also relatively extensive.


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