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Basic operation of automatic sandblasting machine

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Someone may have heard of automatic sand blaster, but few people know what their main operations are like. The Automatic sandblasting machine adopts compressed air as the power, and the sand gas is mixed to form a high-speed jet beam that spews the spray along the feed pipeline at high speed, sprays it onto the surface of the work piece to be treated, and causes the attachment on the surface of the work piece to be treated to peel off, or make the mechanical properties of the outer surface change.

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Automatic sand blaster in our daily life has a lot of applications, the most common is the electric iron bottom plate sandblasting processing, combined with automatic sand blaster processing characteristics, so that its processing of electric iron in the use of the process more durable, and the aging is also more long-term. Therefore, it is very suitable for sand blasting processing of plate, disc, quadrilateral, profile and other special-shaped work pieces.


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