How to use the sand blast cabinet?
  2022/11/21| View:420

When using the sand blast cabinet, it is essential to know how to use it and how the process works in order to ensure that it meets all reasonable requirements. So, how should the sand blast cabinet be used?


sand blast cabinet


1. pre-use operating procedures:

Connect the air and power supply to the sand blast cabinet and turn on the power switch on the cabinet. The Compressed air pressure to enter the gun through the pressure-reducing valve is set to be between 0.4 mpa and 0.6 mpa as required. Select a suitable abrasive injection chamber when adding sand must be added slowly, so as not to plug.


2. Operational processes in use:

When you stop using the sand blast cabinet, you must disconnect the sand blast cabinet power and air supply. Check if the parts are abnormal, should always check the pipeline connection is solid. Do not drop anything other than the specified abrasive into the working chamber to avoid affecting the abrasive circulation. The surface of the workpiece to be machined must be dry.


3. Operating procedures after use:

If there is an urgent need to stop processing, press the stop button and the sand blast cabinet will stop working immediately. Cut off the power and air supply to the machine. To switch off the engine, first, clean the workpiece, turn off the gun switch. Flow it back to the separator. Shut down the dust removal unit. Turn off the power switch on the electrical box.


This is how the sand blast cabinet is used and how it works. I hope it will help you to know more about our products. If you want to know more about sand blast cabinet, please stay with us, or contact us directly.