The significance of the surface cleaning and workpiece strengthening function of the Shot Blast Machine
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Shot Blast Machine is a casting industry that casts steel and iron surface spot shot and oxide removal to advanced mechanical equipment. It is widely used in Shot Blast Machine beds, automotive parts, springs, heat treatment products, various sizes of casting and stamping, deburring, descaling, sand, and rust removal quality parts. When purchasing and using a Shot Blast Machine, it is necessary to understand the significance of its surface cleaning applications and workpiece strengthening features.

Shot Blast Machine

1. The significance of the surface cleaning of the Shot Blast Machine.

(1) This is to remove the casting surface oxidation and sticky sand at the same time, the casting quality inspection before the essential preparation process.

(2) silicon steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, and other alloy steel plate, belt production, should be annealed in the cold rolling process after shot blasting or pickling treatment to ensure the surface roughness and thickness accuracy of cold rolled steel plate.

(3) In producing ordinary castings, shot blasting cleaning is the discovery of subcutaneous porosity, slag holes, sticky sand, cold grid, leather, and other casting surface defects essential process means.

(4) in metallurgical steel production, shot blasting or pickling is used in the mass production of steel to ensure high productivity of the process of mechanical or chemical common removal of tough skin.

(5) aluminum alloy, copper alloy, and other surface finishing and other non-ferrous metal castings, in addition to the removal of oxide skin, the discovery of surface defects in the casting, but also the use of shot blasting to remove the burr of die casting, to obtain a decorative surface quality, to achieve a comprehensive effect.

2. The significance of the Shot Blast Machine workpiece strengthening function.

(1) important engineering measures to improve parts' strength and fatigue strength using the shot blasting process.

(2) Part of the metal is more important for workpieces that require further strengthening by phase hardening (such as martensite quenching, etc.) or phase hardening.

(3) According to modern metal strength theory, increasing the error density within the metal is the main direction to improve its strength of the metal.

(4) In The aviation and aerospace industries, automobiles, tractors, and other parts require lightweight but increasingly high-reliability requirements.

(5) practice has proved that using a Shot Blast Machine for shot blasting is a process method to increase the potential structure of the metal.

In summary, whether in terms of surface cleaning or workpiece strengthening function, the use of a Shot Blast Machine is of very high value.