Points for attention in safe operation and maintenance of Shot Blast Machine
  2022/10/24| View:131

With the development of social industrialization, Shot Blast Machine is used in various fields, such as the automobile industry, foundry industry, construction industry, railway industry, and so on. We need to always pay attention to the Shot Blast Machine's safe operation and maintenance so as to use it for a long time; the following will take you to understand in detail.

Shot Blast Machine

1. Safe operation of Shot Blast Machine

(1) the operator needs to be familiar with the performance characteristics of Shot Blast Machine equipment to achieve the post after training;

(2) in order to avoid accidents, the Shot Blast Machine must be checked carefully before starting, especially the control area;

(3) the working area of the machine shall not be nearby the non-operator;

(4) operators need to wear protective gear;

(5) during the operation of the equipment, the operator must always pay attention to whether the Shot Blast Machine has abnormal sound or the overheated machine situation. Once found, immediately stop the inspection and maintenance.


2. The maintenance notice of the Shot Blast Machine

(1) strictly follow the safe operation requirements of the Shot Blast Machine, regularly check and maintain the Shot Blast Machine;

(2) when adding lubricating oil to the machine, strictly follow the requirements of the instruction manual;

(3) regularly check the transmission system and the guard whether there is a failure or damage, find that the need for immediate replacement and maintenance;

(4) after work, in addition to cleaning equipment and the work area, we also need to check the perishable parts and timely replacement.


Shot Blast Machine has been used as a very important piece of equipment in manufacturing. In order to avoid losses, we need to always have safety and maintenance problems.