The significance of vapor blaster in improving casting quality
  2022/10/17| View:121

Vapor Blaster is used to removing the oxide scale and sand on the surface of the castings. This type of equipment is necessary for the quality of the castings. After the workpiece is produced, it is necessary to use a vapor blaster to strengthen the workpiece.

vapor blaster

In the process of producing castings, using a vapor blaster to treat workpieces is a useful method to find out whether there are defects on the surface of castings if there are gas holes under the surface of workpieces, and slag holes on the surface of workpieces, as well as the surface of the workpiece with sand, the surface of the workpiece with cold insulation, the surface of the workpiece with peeling, using vapor blaster treatment of the surface of the workpiece, is an essential process.

It is necessary to use a vapor blaster to deal with the surface of Non-ferrous metal castings effectively, to remove the oxide scale of the workpiece, and to find the surface defects of the castings. The main purpose of using this kind of shot blasting equipment is to eliminate the burr of the casting and improve the surface quality of the casting.

Blast cleaning is a widely used process in mechanical manufacturing, were forging, casting, heat treatment, and surface treatment of parts, are all to be Shot Blast Machine to clean. Feel Free to contact us for more information on the Shot Blast Machine.