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Automatic Pressure Machine is working successfully in Indonesia

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Automatic Pressure Machine is working successfully in Indonesia.

The characters of machine

A. Large sand-blasting volume, fast speed, strong impact.

B. The machine is equipped with adjustable cyclone, it can separate the abrasives can be able to continue to use from the useless tiny dust, vacuum cleaner only absorb dust, it can greatly reduce abrasive consumption.

C. The machine can be open the side door, the door size can be also decided by clients.

D. The machine is the whole machine (main cabinet, pressure tank, separator, dust collector).

pressure turntable machine automated_副本.jpg

6451584342996192.jpg  7661584342996638.jpg

Ivan purchased Automatic Pressure Sandblast Machine last year. After working for a long time, he has an enquiry of more bigger machine from us. Thanks for his support




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