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Hanger Machine for Cleaning Tow Bar was Installed Successfully

Have already visited: 42003/10/2020  

Spinner Hanger Machine for Cleaning Tow Bar Installed Successfully in Australia. TS Spinner Hanger Machines (hanger shot blasting machine) are designed to clean a wide range of parts size and shapes. Parts are loaded onto a hanger and moved in, started rotating, got blasted and moved out.

Hanger Machine_Shot Blast Machine.jpg

Milford finally determine to purchase from TAISHENG Machinery since March 2019, after compare with serveral local suppliers and other competitives, especially the sealing system and working performance of our machine impressed Mr. Poh.

To put the machine into production as soon as possible, Milford determine all the installation job done by themselves according to our instructions. Thanks for Milford hard working and our engineer effort, the shot blasting machine was put into productivity since June.

spinner hanger shot blast machine.jpg

Half year passed, we got some feedback from Mark. TAISHENG believe Milford continuous improvement of product quality and with help of this shot blasting machine, definitely will get more business.

feedback from Australia_副本.png

Hanger shot blasting machine is widely used in small and medium size of stainless steel parts, castings, die castings, forgings, welding structures and heat treatment parts surface cleaning and strengthening. With advantages of no need pit foundation, compact structure, high productivity.


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