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Conveyor Sandblast machine was installed in Singapore

Have already visited: 37601/10/2020  

Conveyor Sandblast machine was installed in Singapore for blasting ceramic plates. Automatic conveyor blasting machines are excellent for all around complete and continuous blasting of flat, voluminous, or complex components. Our powerful blast rotary head systems are mounted to the blast cabin housing in the most optimum positions to further insure uniform blast coverage of the components.

Our Singapore clients TJ purchased conveyor sandblast machine in Sept. 2019, he also visited our company and tested his products before purchased. After delivery, they installed this type of machine by themselves. The whole machine is easy to install and operate. 


After operating for a short time, he give us good review of machine, and introduce this machine to his friends who need.

If you interest this machine also, please contact with our sales team.



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