Q3210 Tumble Blast Machine Finished Acceptance at Wuxi
  2019/12/11| View:57

The tumble blast machine is fitted with endless Rubber Conveyor Belt gives you gentle turning of the parts to be shot blasted. In tumble-blast batch processing machines, all surfaces of components are exposed to impact treatment as the parts gently turn over and over in a slowly rotating.


Wuxi Zhonghui is a leading manufacturing company specialize in making rubber for agricultural machinery, they need shot blasting machine to treat their products the rougher, the better. To increase the adhesion of rubber.

This time, they decide to purchase 2 sets from us after visiting TAISHENG factory twice in Nov 2018 and Aug 2019. Now this 2 sets are finished acceptance and put into production this week. Getting high praise from customers.

Tumble Belt Blast Machine.jpg