Wet Blasting Machine is working very well in Cadana
  2019/11/06| View:92

Thanks for Brian's supports of wet blasting machine. Wet blasting provides extremely consistent and reproducible surface treatment to clean, degrease, descale etc. or polish various products of various geometry and material (from plastic and soft metals to steel or exotic materials) without the use of harsh chemicals or dusty mechanical action. 新闻4.jpg

It is to put abrasive in water, water and abrasive mix, by using the a sludge pump to draw the mixture to the blasting hose, and with the help of compressed air, force a powerful jet flow to hit on product surface through venturi nozzle, to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface and polishing

Several months ago, Canada customer Brain bought wet blasting machine from us, now we are sp pleased to get his feedback.新闻3.jpg新闻2.jpg