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The Angle Adjustment Of The Shot Blasting Machine Is Very Important

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The blasting Angle of the blasting wheel should be investigated and adjusted in time. The blast wheel provides a special rule, which can control its direction in the planning. For example, the bottom wheel in shot blasting machine, the throw direction is better to throw from bottom, the window of control cage should be orient to A side. 

The structure of the shot blasting machine is very complex, if use unproper, will cause damage to the machine. So you need to be clear about how you can operate the machine with safety standards.First of all, it should be protected and maintained regularly. Second, some parts should be replaced on time. If the above points are achieved, the machine can be used continuously.

Impeller is the primary part of the shot blasting machine. The accuracy of the position of the impeller directly affects the normal work of the machine.The control of the shot blasting device should be careful that the orientation of directional explosion should be cleaned in the work-piece so that the projectile can be fully covered, otherwise it will affect the cleaning efficiency.

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