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TS Blast Wheel

    • TS Blast Wheel
    • TS Blast Wheel
Product details

Blast Wheel


High efficiency: special wheel disc, blasting efficiency is up to 16kg/min·kW.

Blade easy assemble and dismount: 

The blade is inserted from the center of the impeller, fixed by centrifugal force during impeller rotation, so do not need any clamping tools. If you want to take off the blade, just tap the outer ends of the vanes can be easily removed from the center of the impeller. It needs only 5 to 10 minutes to take off 8pcs blades to check the wear condition of impeller and control cage


The holes on shaft of shell and control cage is once-molded product. That can get the uniform gap between control cage and wheel disc, not only reduce the wearing and cracked phenomenon, also increase the blasting efficiency.   

Impeller fixed: 8pcs blade long groove and hole shape and position tolerances is very strict, we use the machining center which is for imported components. The process can be dividing - impeller on the rough milling and finish milling, drilling, reaming, indexing and reaming process once completed, to ensure the balance of the wheel operation, the balance torque is between 12 ~ 15N / mm (18.6N - mm), while greatly reducing the equipment noise. 

Blades, wheel disc, impeller, control cage are made of high chromium wear-resistant cast iron material. 

The machine is with good appearance, exquisite structure, convenient manufacture and maintenance, low noise. 

Technology Parameter
   TypeModelRPM Diameter of Wheel(mm) Width of Blade (mm)Shot Flow (kg/min)Motor Power (KW)
Direct DriveQ037Z7.52930380621207.5
Belt DriveQ034245042080180-30011-18.5

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