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Specifical Pressure Sandblast Cabinet Delivery in April

Have already visited: 106104/07/2020  

Specifical Pressure Sandblast Cabinet blast screw thread of steel pipe. 

1. Machine size is decided by customer because limited space.

2. Small machine is easy to move.

3. Two doors in both sides.

4. Hole in the side door is easy for steel pipe to pass through.

5. Rubber in the holes can prevent the abrasive and dust out.

6. Using white alumina oxide.

7. With separator can using glass beads, ceramic beads and alumina oxide.



Sandblasting machine should be placed on a solid ground in the work site, every machine before shipment is test at our factory, and packed in only one package. When you get it, just need to connect the power and compressed air source, put about 5kg abrasive in and start the machine, it's very easy to operateBlasting work is controlled by foot pedal, removing foot from pedal, the blasting stops.


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