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What is difference between wet and dry blasting?

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Before we know the difference betwenn dry and vapor blasting, let's start to know what is vapor or dry blasting.

What is vapor blasting(wet blasting or water blasting)?

It is to put abrasive in water, water and abrasive mix, by using the a sludge pump to draw the mixture to the blasting hose, and with the help of compressed air, force a powerful jet flow to hit on product surface through venturi nozzle, to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface and polishing.

What's the dry blasting?

Dry blast cabinets use compressed air to propel blast abrasive directly towards components through the blast nozzle of the gun. All blasting of components is carried out in a secure cabinet, where dust is collected by an integral heavy duty dust extractor. Dry blast machines fall into one of two categories, suction blast cabinets or pressure blast cabinets.

What's the difference between dry blasting and vapor blasting?

Vapor blasting is generally much gentler than dry blasting. The water acts as a cushion for the abrasive. In traditional dry sandblasting, the abrasive impacts the surface, and subsequently shatters into smaller particles, causing dust.

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In wet blasting, the water acts as a dampener. When the abrasive hits the blasted surface, the shattered particles are contained within the water. The spent media is collected in a drain basin or other receptacle.

There is another notable difference between dry blasting and vapor blasting. In dry blasting, the abrasive impacts at an angle, leaving a deep anchor profile. In wet blasting, the water cushions the impact, meaning the surface profile is dispersed more evenly, in a feathered pattern. This allows for a finer blasting process.


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