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2018/11/13 Laser Cutting Machine Arrived in TS Workshop

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To provide better finishing products to customers, at this year, TS Machine invest enormous sums in tool updating especially the laser cutting machine.

What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting machines use high powered, computer operated lasers along with nitrogen, oxygen or compressed air to slice through a variety of metals. Carbon dioxide laser cutting is also used to engrave metals. Laser cutting machines are multipurpose and can undertake a wide variety of metalwork jobs.  

What is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting uses compressed air and inert gasses such as hydrogen and nitrogen which are passed through a fine nozzle at high speeds. The combination of gasses, high speeds and a concentrated area of pressure create electrically conductive ionized gas, also known as plasma. This method is used on metals that cannot be cut with flame based cutting machines.

Benefits of Laser Cutting

• High precision • CAD/CAM integration • High tolerance • High quality part replication • Ability to perform intricate cutting tasks • Low distortion


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