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TS-GY-1075A Pressure Cabinet
Pressure Blast Cabinet

TS-GY-1075A Pressure Cabinet

manual blasting, high efficiency, low investment, small occupation
Product Detail

Machine Descrption

Powerful Pressure Sand Blasting Cabinet

It utilizes a pressurized container to blast the workpiece resulting in much higher productivity, brilliant for high volume blasting.Pressure Cabinets push the abraisve out of a pressurized vessel, through a metering valve and out of the nozzle.

Abrasive Available: steel shot/grit, stainless steel shot, alumnium oxide, glass bead and etc.

TS-GY-1075A pressure manual blast cabinet is with interal operation zone 1000mm x 750mm x height 850mm, with rubber curtains in two doors, can let long products (diameter<400mm) pass through, such as pipes, square box etc. This is a simple machine to treat the long products with low investment and small occupation. Compressed air flow required ~3m3/min/8bar, blasting efficiency >15m2/hr.

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