Shot blasting machine manufacturer teaches you how to avoid incorrect operation
  2023/01/16| View:471

As a shot blasting machine manufacturer, we find that the use of shot blasting machines is increasingly widespread, but in the use of the process will often appear some wrong operations, today to teach you how to avoid the wrong operation.


shot blasting machine manufacturer

1. Shot blasting machine does not add shot-blasting material in a timely manner.

Shot blasting machine is to rely on the blast machine will be high-speed steel shot to the surface of the workpiece for cleaning, shot belongs to the consumables, with the work of the shot blasting machine gradually reduced, shot material is insufficient to cause the cycle of lifting the separation can not be completed, affecting the quality of shot blasting.


2. Shot blasting machine start-up sequence error.

Failure to follow the instructions for blasting machine start-up operation, open the blast machine after not opening the shot gate, resulting in the blast machine idle and no shot into. The shutdown sequence is wrong, the shot blasting machine will be closed in advance, resulting in the continuous entry of the shot blasting machine, the next time the machine is opened is very easy to burn the motor. Shot blasting machine conveyor roller speed is too fast or too slow, roller conveyor speed can be adjusted, the user in the use of the process failed to follow the instructions for today's speed adjustment, too fast or too slow will affect the quality of shot blasting.


3. Lifter belt slack.

Elevator with belt-tightening device, in the process of use, the belt is not tight when you can use the device. Belt slack after the hoist can not complete the shot material lifting, it is easy to cause damage to the equipment.


The above is in the use of shot blasting machine often appear some of the wrong operations, hope to bring you help, we are a shot blasting machine manufacturer, if you have other questions or needs, you can contact us directly.