Shot blasting machine manufacturers teach you how to maintain the shot blasting machine
  2023/02/06| View:514

Shot blasting machine manufacturers teach you how to maintain the shot blasting machine - many factories in the process of using the shot blasting machine are negligent to the maintenance of the shot blasting machine, resulting in the service life of the shot blasting machine greatly reduced, today the Shot blasting machine manufacturer to teach you how to maintain the shot blasting machine.

shot blasting machine manufacturer

1. Check whether the fixed bolts on the projectile head and motor of all the shot blasting machines are loose, and tighten them immediately if they are loose;

2. Check the wear of wear-resistant parts in the shot blasting machine and the protection plate of the shot blasting room. If serious, must be replaced immediately;

3, check the blade, if found half wear need to be replaced immediately;

4. Check whether the pointer of the positioning sleeve is in the correct position.

5. Check whether the access door of the shot blasting machine can be closed tightly;

6. Check whether the dust removal pipeline leaks; Check the filter bag of the dust collector for dust and damage;

7. Check whether there is dust and other debris in the volute and filter screen of the separator, and keep it clean in time;

8. Check whether the flow curtain of the separator is uniform and forms a full curtain;

9. Check whether the electronically controlled feed gate valve is closed;

10. Check whether the limit switch and proximity switch are in normal state;

11. Check whether the signal indicators on the console work normally;

12. Check whether the current of the shot blasting motor is within the rated range;

13. Check the electrical control box and remove the dust on it in time;

14. Check the damage of the shot tube washer, the rubber guard plate of the working door and the top seal to avoid the loss of abrasive;

15. Check the debris on the floor grid to ensure that the pellets can be recovered;

16. Check whether the particle quantity in the grinding silo is sufficient, and add it in time to ensure sufficient.

The above is our common way to share the maintenance of Shot blasting machine manufacturer, if there are any questions can consult us.