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Rubber Belt Automated


Tumble Belt Sand Blast Cabinet


Tumble Belt Sand Blast Cabinet


Rubber Belt Blaster tumble blast cabinets deliver efficient, affordable batch processing, automate cleaning,peening and finishing of small workpieces. With certain types of parts, no other finishing method can compare to these heavy-duty production machines in terms of speed and quality results.

Easy to operate you simply load the parts and set the timer, then come back later to unload perfectly cleaned or finished parts. To optimised the finish on parts you can adjust the time, blast pressure, media type, media flow, tumble speed, and blast duration. As the parts tumble, three or more nozzles uniformly blast all exposed surfaces this will deliver consistent finish automatically. Includes a standard oscillating gun mount to ensure maximum coverage of all parts.

Inside the tumble cabinet, the parts ride on a thick rubber belt that is perforated to allow the blast media to fall through. The interior of the tumble belt cabinet blast enclosure is rubber lined to stand up for years of cleaning or high shot peening.

 1. Timing automatic sand blasting, automatic clean the cartridge by pulse-jet.
 2. has the advantages of convenient loading and discharge, simple operation and labor saving
 3. The quantity of gun could be equipped according to customer special requirements.
 4. Suitable for mass production of small workpieces, such as plastic switches
 5. The belt can turn right and backward, when the machine is working, the belt turn right, when discharge the workpiece, the belt turns backward. It greatly saves the time of loading and discharge and improves the working efficiency.
 6. The pressure of blast gun can be adjusted.
 7. The running speed of the belt and the swing speed of the blast gun can be adjusted.

Technical Specification



Machine dimensions(L * W * H)

1140mm * 1000mm * 2360mm

Power Supply

380V 50Hz

Compressed Air Pressure


Air Consumption(Approx)


Quantity of Gun


Load Capacity


Motor for Dust Collector


Belt Motor


Gun Swing Motor


Machine Lighting


Initial Abrasive(Approx)

10~15Kg(36-320mesh size)

Total Weight (Approx)