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Airless Blast Machine



It is our patent product designed for treating mobile phone shell, notebook panels and other electronic products.

Airless Blasting System

It is the use of motor drives the impeller rotation, abrasives is thrown to the surface of the work piece by centrifugal force, achieve the effect of blasting. The device has the advantages of high processing efficiency, simple operation, energy saving, environmental protection and no pollution;  After sandblasted, the surface is clean and without adhesion of debris; especially the blasting result is consistent and uniform compare to manual blasting.

Mechanical abrasive recycle system

effectively separate the clean abrasive from dust to ensure the good cleaning result, moreover, saving the abrasive. Independent filter system can collect the dust inside the cabinet effectively to prevent dust pollution.

Continuous rotary table system

The equipment transmission mode using continuous rotary disc, workpiece is placed on the small wheel (tooling), big wheel jump-start the small wheel into sandblasting room, then small wheel rotation (workpiece rotation), spraying while turning. One worker can loading and unloading the artifact. The rotary drive is equipped with frequency conversion control, and the customer can adjust the speed according to the demand of the product.


Technical Specification



External Size L*W*H


Maximum workpiece 


Airless Blast System

5.5kw(inverter control)



Large Table

Diameter 1350mm; power 0.75kw(variable speed)

Small Table

Diameter 400mm; power 0.4kw(variable speed)

Dust Filter


Compressed Air Consumption

0.2m3/min; pressure 0.3-0.6Mpa

Total Power

About 8.9kw


Don’t need to purchase air compressor separately. It has more efficiency than traditional 12-16pcs gun sand blast machines, can save 50-75kwh each hours.



Treating all kinds of accurate electronic products, such as mobile phone shell, computer shell, sandwich ovenware, iron, communication equipment etc.

Suitable for all kinds of products which need to be painted high temperature coatings and plating after sandblasting, such as non-stick pan,gas stove charge core.