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Rubber Belt Automated

    • Rubber Belt Automated
    • Rubber Belt Automated
    • Rubber Belt Automated
    • Rubber Belt Automated
    • Rubber Belt Automated
    • Rubber Belt Automated
    • Rubber Belt Automated
    • Rubber Belt Automated
    • Rubber Belt Automated
Product details

Machine Description 


Rubber Belt Automated

Rubber Belt Blaster tumble blast cabinets deliver efficient, affordable batch processing, automate cleaning,peening and finishing of small workpieces. With certain types of parts, no other finishing method can compare to these heavy-duty production machines in terms of speed and quality results.


Easy to operate you simply load the parts and set the timer, then come back later to unload perfectly cleaned or finished parts. To optimised the finish on parts you can adjust the time, blast pressure, media type, media flow, tumble speed, and blast duration. As the parts tumble, three or more nozzles uniformly blast all exposed surfaces this will deliver consistent finish automatically. Includes a standard oscillating gun mount to ensure maximum coverage of all parts.Tumble Belt Sand Blasting Machine_副本.jpg


Inside the tumble cabinet, the parts ride on a thick rubber belt that is perforated to allow the blast media to fall through. The interior of the tumble belt cabinet blast enclosure is rubber lined to stand up for years of cleaning or high shot peening


Available Abrasive: Mesh 36-220 aluminium oxide, glass bead, zircon sand, carborundum, silicon carbide and etc.


1. Good for small parts, not afraid of collision, 30-50kg/batch

2. Automated, easy to operate

3. Very convenient to unload

4. Save abrasive, equip with cyclone separator, can separate abrasive 150 # - 320 #.

5. Belt rotational speed can be controlled by adding inverter. 

6. High efficiency and good blasting result, blasting gun with a remote control device, 

7. Product cleaner, can set cleaning time of air gun after blasted. 


Product Photos

5681555899860665.jpg 7361555899867122.jpg

Technical Data

TS-50L-4A Tumble Belt Sand Blast Machine

Machine dimensions include Dust Collector (L * W * H)

2540mm * 1000mm * 2360mm

Power Supply

380V 50Hz or customize

Compressed Air Required

3~4m³/min; 3-7bar(kg/cm2)

Quantity of Gun


Load Capacity


Motor for Dust Collector


Belt Motor


Gun Swing Motor


Machine Lighting


Initial Abrasive Feed(Approx)

50Kg(36-320mesh size)

Total Weight (Approx)


This machine can be extended to use 6pcs blasting gun, if you're looking for a bigger one, please contact with us.

Surface Finishing 

Tumble belt sand blasting machine is designed for cleaning small parts such as the bolts,  PMMA, zinc aluminum die casting, pneumatic screw driver, tools, sintered metal product and etc.

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