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14m*5.5m*5m Sand Blast Room

    • 14m*5.5m*5m Sand Blast Room
Product details

Machine Description

TS series penumatic abrasive reclaim type sand blast room is a new high-tech product developed by our company in recent years. Its main principle is to use honeycomb floor technology. The sand material is recovered by the vacuum force generated by the negative pressure of fan, and then sucked through the pipe and sort the sand and dust at separator, and the useful sand material can fall into the sand blasting tank automatically. The dust and other useless debris will enter the dust removal system to filter.

In order to ensure that the sandblast workers can have good visibility. The system is equipped with a highly efficient filter, the dust generated in the sand blasting operation will be quickly inhaled and taken out from room to filter via ducts.

Abrasive Available: Aluminum Oxide, Glass Bead, very suitable for light abrasive.

Advantage of Penumatic Abrasive Reclaim System,

  • Basically no maintenance, low operational cost.

  • 0.5-1.5 m or no foundation job.

  • No weather constraints. Blast anytime, any day. 

  • High production levels. 

  • Reduced media costs from recycled media recovery systems. 

  • Controlled work environments and exceptional lighting for consistent quality of work. 

  • Very clean work environments.

Technical Data



14m*5.5m*5m Pneumatic Abrasive Recovery Sand Blast Room

Material of product

Cast iron, cast steel, cast stainless steel; oil must be carried out before the sand blast

Surface cleaning requirements

Sa2.5; cleaning all internal and external surfaces

Working efficiency

≥15m2/hr/single gun(φ10mm blast nozzle)

Dust emission






Total power

~43 kw (not include air compressor)

Surface Cleaning

Sand Blast Cleaning.jpg  9471585190611632.jpg

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