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Team Introduction

CEO Message, 

First of all, please accept me as the President of Changzhou Taisheng Machinery company. I would like to extend my sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to the esteemed customers who choose to go with us, and to the friends from all walks of life who have long cared about and supported the development of Taisheng.To all the employees and their families, retired and old staff over the years to extend our high respect and warm wishes!


As the market leader of sand blasting machine in China, Taisheng has been committed to developing and producing low-cost, high quality and versatile machinery. And through the development and production of world-class surface treatment products, strive to become China has a certain scale, with sand blasting & wheel blasting technology as the core of high-end surface finishing products manufacturers and service providers.


Facing the changeable development environment, the company takes the situation into consideration, changes actively, and tries to explore the best combination of management thinking, technological innovation, manufacturing and market expansion, which effectively improves the market competitiveness of products.For the society, for partners, for employees to create greater value. Our business performance continues to maintain a good trend of development.

Our basic management has been further strengthened, the management system is improving.We implemented ERP management and systematically revised and improved the management system, making the process more simple, stronger control, higher efficiency and more suitable for the current development of the enterprise.We have strengthened the team building, reserve cadre echelon is gradually formed, the cadre team building shows a good trend of specialization, youth, internationalization;We have strengthened the brand construction, and the brand influence of Taisheng has been greatly enhanced. We have established a good corporate image in the minds of customers, peers and the public. 

In the future, the company will seize the strategic opportunity of industrial integration and technological progress, strengthen scientific and technological and institutional innovation, adhere to innovation, cooperation and openness, and make unremitting efforts for a better future!And, we will, as always, abide by the credibility, create a brand, and is willing to create a brilliant cause with friends from all walks of life integrity mutual benefit!

Sincere Regards, 

Mr. Lee Jiang