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Vacuum sand blast machine with two guns at XCMG MACHINERY

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XCMG MACHINERY is a pioneer in Chinese construction machinery industry, products include engineering lifting machinery, earthmoving machinery, compaction machinery, road machinery, concrete machinery, firefighting machinery and other construction machinery.

XCMG MACHINERY bought two sets of vacuum sand blast machines with two guns to clean pipe.Dust and abrasives are immediately vacuumed by a powerful suction fan. The used abrasives are recycled to the separator and silo, the dust is collected by the cartridge filter.

Vacuum, or dust free blasting is ideal for spot repairs, and has high demand on the environment which should be dust free and abrasive pollution is prohibited.

vacuum sand blast machine 2.jpgvacuum sand blast machine 1 3.jpgvacuum sand blast machine 4_副本.jpg


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