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TS1002-2 Marble Blast Machine
Marble Shot Blast Machine

TS1002-2 Marble Blast Machine

High Cleaning Efficiency
Product Detail

TS1002-2 Mable Shot Blasting Machine is a roller type shot blasting machine. By the adjustable speed motor drive roller conveyer in the process of cleaning the workpiece mass ejection area sent to clean up the room, the artifacts in the whole cast from the direction of the spatial structure of different head intensive powerful bullets hit and the friction, stone material surface bright and clean surface with certain roughness, workpiece due to intensive to shock at the same time, eliminate the stress of workpiece, to avoid deformation.

Process Procedure: Loading - workpiece moving in - blasting - workpiece moving out - discharge.

Main Specification

Item Technical Data
Height ≤100mm
Roller Speed(Variable)1~3m/min
Cleaning Speed0.5-1.5m/min (depends on surface quality)
Surface Grade after BlastedSa2.0-2.5
Total Power~40.4kw
Compressed Air Consumption0.8m3/min(clinet provide)
Compressed Air Pressure0.4~0.7MPa

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