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Ask: Why choose Taisheng?

Benefits if you choose us,

Good Quality          Our internal standard is higher than industry standard ; ISO9001:2015 certificated; Ensure no defect before delivery.

Cost Saving            We always emphasis on cost control, implemented ERP management, making the process more simple, stronger control, higher efficiency and more suitable for the current development of the enterprise.

Low maintenance      Rich experience and skilled staff, can fix all your problems during operation.

Dustless                   Advanced design of dust collector, dust concentration can be controlled under 20mg/m3.

Ask:  Why does TS use cartridge filters instead of bag filter?

TS can manufacture all kinds filter, for different machine we will recommend different type filters.


Cartridge   Filter

Bag   Filter



Anti   condensation, good ventilation, micropowder and fibrous dust is difficult to   pass

Rough   filter, easy to dust, poor permeability,    micro powder and fibrous dust is difficult to pass

Filter   Area



Air   resistance inside DC



Pulse   back blow dedusting system

Large   blowback, evenly and good cleaning result

Small   blowback, due to the long bag, can’t get the evenly and good cleaning result


Small space occupation with light   weight 

Large space occupation with heavy weight,   and should leave 3m of height for maintenance


Long service life, less maintenance, and   easy to replace

Bag is easy broken because of the large   windage, with frequency maintenance

Ask:  Why doesn't TS use a pulse jet cleaning system on all cartridge dust collectors?

Vibration cleaning system

by using mechanical vibration to remove to dust from the filter. If the filter is cleaned regularly, the filter vibrator will remove up to 80% of the dust lodged on the filter.


Pulse-jet cleaning system

By using compressed air pass though venturi tube sucked in lots of air to blowback the dust from the filter. You can set time, such every 15 mins to clean the filters. And it can be programmable in PLC.


we recommend to purchase the automatic cleaning system which are with high production(4hrs/day) or the  regions with high humidity.


Ask: What should i share asking for a shot blasting machine?

Firstly, you should tell us what kind and size work piece you want to clean? If you want to treat various kinds of jobs, just share these information with us, And how many pieces per day?

According to that, our engineer will design an cost-effective machine and give you best advice, maximally to down your operation cost, such as the power consumption.


Ask:  How to choose suction type and pressure type sand blasting cabinet?

Suction Type

For most applications, an economical suction type cabinet is for maintenance and light duty jobs. Compressed air released by the operators pedal or gun trigger, rushes to the gun and creates a “vacuum” which in turn draws the abrasive and expels it on your work piece. Media is then returned to be cleaned by the reclaimer and dust is exhausted to the bag filter.


This system operates with lightweight reclaimable abrasive such as glass beads or aluminum oxide.


Pressure Type

Specially designed to increase productivity, the pressure type will give you fast cleaning results with tough jobs and hard-to-reach areas. Each pressure type cabinet has pressure vessel that forces media through the blasting hose and the tungsten carbide nozzle.


After impact on the work piece, the abrasive (glass beads, aluminum oxide or other light weight reclaimable media) is sucked to the reclaimer, which separates reusable media while dust is exhausted into the collector. High performance dust collectors are standard with all pressure type cabinets.


Ask:  Do i need to wear safety clothing to sandblast?

To blast in a safe manner, you will need:

Air Fed Blast Helmet

Air Breathing Filter

Abrasive Blasting Suit/ Good Quality Boiler Suit

Abrasive Blasting Gloves/Good Quality Welding Gloves

Steel Toe Cap Safety Boots

This equipment will minimise your risk of injury and prevent air borne dust particles entering your lungs.


Ask:  Do your products come with warranty?

Our Applied blasting machines come with a 12 month warranty and we also stock a full range of spare parts and service kits. All blast machines come with a warranty certificate.


Ask: How to choose the air compressor matching with my sandblasting machine?

Firstly you need to know what size and type of nozzle you are using and what PSI you need to use(normally 8bar). Then leave a message to our engineer.


Ask:  What angle should i hold my blast gun?

It is best practice to start blasting at 30⁰, especially for inexperienced users. The greater the angle (towards 90⁰) results in increased stripping rate and a rougher surface.


Ask:  Why can’t i use normal sand?

Normal sand has been ruled out of use for years due to it containing silica. Silica will cause fatal lung disease so we recommend not using sand. Our range of blasting media is completely silica free and will ensure outstanding efficiency when blasting compared to using normal sand.


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