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TSD0408-1B Hanger Blast Machine
spinner hanger shot blast machine

TSD0408-1B Hanger Blast Machine

Product Detail


Hook type shot blasting machine is suitable for,

  • cleaning or strengthening the surface of medium - and small-sized castings and forgings, electrical, construction, machine tools.

  • surface cleaning and shot blasting of multi-variety and small-batch castings and steel structural parts to remove a small amount of sand core, sand and oxide skin on the surface of the workpiece.

  • cleaning the thin parts which are not suitable for collision.

With advantages of,

  • No pit foundation job.

  • Blasting chamber lining with high chromium wear-resistant plate, compare with rubber, significantly improvde the service life.

  • Compact structure, small floor occupation.

  • High production efficiency, low operation cost.


ModelTSD0408-1B Hanger Machine
Process Speed per batch
Casting 8-15min; Forging 5-8min
Max. Load Capacity500kg
Shot Flow 2 x 80kg/min
Filter TypeBag Filter
Air Volume5000m³/h
Total Power15kw
Overall Machine SizeL2400*W3500*H3700mm

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