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Sandblasting Room

    • Sandblasting Room
    • Sandblasting Room
    • Sandblasting Room
    • Sandblasting Room
Product details

Machine Description 

Sandblast room (sand blasting booth) is a complete device that can be used for sand blasting of objects of different shapes and sizes. For the process it can be used either metal or mineral abrasive. 

TS manufacture a wide range of sandblast rooms in a variety of configurations for all types of cleaning, peening and finishing operations. The product line includes sandblast room enclosures, blasting system, abrasive recovery systems, and dust collection systems. 

Transport of workpieces in the blast room is usually carried out by means of a forklift or on the trolley, usually across the rails. Sand blasting process is carried out by sandblasting pistol, which is directed by the worker on the surface of workpiece. The sandblasting pistol is connected by means of the sandblasting pipe with the pressure vessel, from which the abrasive comes with the compressed air at high speed.

During sandblasting process the worker must be adequately protected with a protective clothes, gloves against the impacts of the abrasive and dust special helmet for head protection.

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Machine Structure 

The sandblast room housing is rubber-protected. The continuous abrasive returning and cleaning system can have screw conveyors or scraping conveyors applied to the whole shot blasting chamber surface or only part of it. Different platforms for working on heights, devices for spinning rotated treated object around longitudinal axis and abrasive sucking devices provide high work efficiency.

Parts Introduction

1. Room Body: Light steel structure


2. Blasting Tank: Pressure Type


3. Filter


4. Abrasive Hopper


5. House Protective: Wear-resistant Rubber



6. Air Source: Screw Air Compressor, Freeze Drier, Air tank


Why TS sandblast room? 

TS sandblast rooms are built to ensure most optimal production levels with low maintenance. Our sandblast rooms are specifically engineered to meet your blasting needs. 

Main Advantages: 

 ● No weather constraints. Blast anytime, any day. 

 ● High production levels. 

 ● Reduced media costs from recycled media recovery systems. 

 ● Controlled work environments and exceptional lighting for consistent quality of work. 

 ● Very clean work environments, contained dust 


 ● External swing doors (2). 

 ● One external man door with heavy-duty door latch kit with striker and safety viewing window located on either side of sandblasting room. 

 ● low operational cost, save energy.

 ● Rectangle recycled abrasive hose makes abrasive can pass through the hose smoothly and successfully.

 ● Adopt pneumatic abrasive recycle system with low failure rate, free maintenance. It can reduce the maintenance time and the damage.

 ● Adopt honeycomb floor type technology, it don’t need complex pit or without pit, low cost and short building cycle.

 ● Simple structure, the whole control system interlock, convenient maintenance.

 ● Standard main wearing parts, easy to replace, avoid the complex maintenance.

 ● Air intake from top and exhaust from bottom, it is a great type of cleaning dust. The dust always fall into the dust collector hose. It can keep high visibility in the room. Good environmental operation can make sure the sandblasting quality and efficiency, at the same time, it can protect the worker.

Machine Photos

5-5-4m sand blasting booth without pit foundation, fully pneumatic abrasive recycle floor, use glass bead.


13-6-6m sand blasting booth, pit foundation required, fully penumatic abrasive recycle floor, use ceramic beads.


18-6-5m sand blasting booth, pit foundation required, fully screw conveyor recycle floor, use steel cut wire.


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