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Dust Collector

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TS dust collectors are specifically designed to keep the work-area clean and workpieces visible for sand blasting machine and shot blasting equipment. Impaired vision during sandblasting can lead to accidental damage to part surfaces. By adding a TS Dust Collector, your ability to view the workspace is dramatically improved, thus making it easier to accomplish your task.

Our dust collectors come in several configurations, each offering a unique amount of flow out of the cabinet. The more flow you draw from your sandblast cabinet, the more clearly the workarea becomes for you.

filtration method of TS filter.jpg

Benefits of the dust collectors:

Heavy-Duty Welded Steel Construction.

Automatic Reverse Pulse Filter Cleaning system means high dust loading can be handled with ease.

Improved Filtration Materials to handle very fine particles.

Dust Collection Hopper is conveniently located for safe and easy disposal.

High quality, fully balanced, Fans and Motors ensure smooth operation with less noise.

Options such as Exhaust Silencers can be supplied.

Simple To Install

TS units operate on electricity and compressed air. Amperage and air usage depend upon the dust collector and exhauster size. Controls can be configured to operate on any specified electrical service.

Easy Maintenance

Filter cartridges are easily accessible from the side, and can be changed in minutes. The overall structure is beautiful, refined, stable (external steel frame, at both sides equipped with access doors with sealing rubber), cartridge dis-assembly is very convenient, reduce labor intensity of physical strength, improve working conditions.

If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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